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"Working with Tone is a great experience. Usually when we'd create it'd be from scratch, he really knows how to catch the vibe an artist is looking for..."

- Stewe , CEO/Host of #ViceTeam

"Tone is one of the most talented and consistent producers of his time...Trust him with your work, he will never disappoint"

- Aria, Broadway Actress/Singer/Songwriter

Tone is an artist/producer that was born in Brooklyn, New York and grew up in the Metro Detroit area of Michigan. His mother grew up in Detroit and his father grew up in Trinidad. Being raised with parents from two different cultures Tone was exposed to different types of food, music, and ways of life. During his childhood Tone also had the opportunity to travel, giving him a unique perspective on life. 


Tone started creating music at a young age, and he feels it is a form of therapy. The overall creative process is something he is constantly perfecting to make his music bigger and better every time. One thing that makes Tone different from a lot of other artists is that he is involved in every aspect of creating his music. 


Tone's mission with his music is to teach everyone that they can be themselves in a society that often times tells us we shouldn’t. He thrives in the process of making music and pushes himself to be better every day. Tone is excited for the future and envisions to have his music touch the masses.


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